Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Evidence Part #3

The French Mr.Men and Little Miss

Sometime during all of this, a French publisher, Hachette Jeunesse, published several French-exclusive Mr.Men and Little Miss Books. Those that have never been seen in English include Monsieur Non, Madame Oui, Madame Tout-Va-Bien, Madame Prudente. In the '90s, the French had a total of 39 Little Misses, while in English we had 30. Pre-1990, we had 21.

During this time, Mr.Men and Little Miss books were being approved that were not written by Roger Hargreaves. While the French exclusives have 'Roger Hargreaves' on the cover, inside they are clearly credited:

So Roger Hargreaves' own work and his name during this time was not sacred.

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